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Jim Murphy

I was drawn to yoga in 2000, initially to redress some of the imbalances in my body caused by many years of running. My first experience with Ashtanga was at the Spirit Room in Fargo with Carrie Mickelson. I still practice and teach with her in Detroit Lakes at Om Street Yoga :,. Ashtanga is a vigorous practice based on variations of the Sun Salutation. Breath is synchronized with movement through a series of postures, which in turn purifies the body and the mind. It was like a light had been turned on for me. I am a registered teacher with the Yoga Alliance. I completed a 500 hour training with Mary Beth Nehl of the Yoga Loft in Willmar Mn.: I was lucky enough to participate in 2 group practices with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga, in Boulder Colorado and one in NY City. I also completed a 40 hour Teaching Training Intensive with Manju Jois, Pattabhi?s son . I continue to study and take workshops with senior Ashtanga teachers whenever I can. Yoga strengthens the body, lifts the spirit, and quiets the mind.

Lee David

Lee David is extremely pleased to be joining the Spirit Room community. Lee David has been practicing extensively and teaching since 2012. He studied under Bonnie Argo and Chanel Luck and received his 200 HR from the Radiant Yoga School in Boston, MA. In addition to teaching yoga, he is also a Personal Trainer and Reiki Master. Lee David works privately with many in regards to the physical and energetic constraints of the physical self. Lee David has studied anatomy, neurology, body mechanics, and energetic systems of the body for the past five years. His classes explore the mind, body, and spirit through the physical postures of Yoga, the breath work practices of Yoga, and meditation. Lee David is looking forward to being a part of this family and to continue to expand the world of Yoga in the Fargo- Moorhead area.

All Levels Yoga-

In this class, we will explore the physical practice through mindful and intelligent sequencing of the postures. We will cater the shapes of the practice to where your individualized structure of the body aligns with the shape, not the other way around. We will also be delving into breath work to help expand energetic systems of the body with intentionality and integrity. Finally, we will be using meditation to help center and refocus the explorations we will do within the class itself. This class is intended for all levels, and all body shapes and sizes.

Lee David Skunes

E RYT 200 HR Yoga Teacher

Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness Coach

PN Level 1 Nutrition

Z Health Practitioner

AMN Level 3 Practitioner/ Lecturer

Dawn Morgan

Dawn Talks About Yoga & Meditation

My experience with yoga began in high school in the mid-sixties with the Zen, jazz and poetry of the time. In college, I graduated as an English major with teaching certificates. In graduate school I studied learning and behavior problems and alternative ways to approach education.

Early on, I began to study Eastern thought, Tibetan Buddhism, meditation, Hatha Yoga and American transcendentalism. With the help of a book entitled Integral Yoga Hatha by Sri Swami Satchidananda, I followed an experiential approach to Hatha Yoga for many years as a personal practice. When Marilynn Quam, Mamata, came back from India in 1997, having been out of the country as a Hindu nun for thirteen years, I began studying yoga with her and a group of dedicated students who eventually formed the Spirit Room. In 2002, Gini Duval, Cheryll McDowell and I were certified through Atma Yoga, a teacher-training program developed by Christopher Baxter, founding member and teacher in the yoga program at Kripalu Institute. We became certified and registered professional yoga teachers through Atma Yoga and Yoga Alliance. Christopher's gentle and fluid approach to yoga has been the inspiration from which I have begun to combine Buddhist mindfulness practice with Atma Yoga. At the Shambhala Mountain Center, I studied with Jill Satterfield of Vajra Yoga in 2003. Jill is based in New York City and teaches at Tibet House. Also, in 2007 with Cindi Lee, founder of Om Yoga and author of Yoga Body, Buddha Mind.

Since opening a yoga studio in 1997, we have grown from the only yoga studio in Fargo to one of many. We maintain the highest standards for our studio and are proud to announce that we will begin our first yoga teacher training program, a 230 hour course, in January 2016.

I continue to teach NDSU credit yoga classes that are held here at the Spirit Room each semester. Yoga I is an introduction to Yoga. Yoga II is titled, "Create Your Personal Yoga Practice." Yoga I usually has close to 40 students, the cap; and Yoga II is growing, with 26 students this last spring.

I have also been leading meditation sessions on Wednesday evenings since 1997. I've completed the Shambhala levels and instruct Shamata and Tonglen meditation and lead a discussion group based upon the Lojong Slogans. I also co-coordinate a Dharma book club that meets once a week. I've continued my study of eastern thought as begun in my high school years. Attending Naropa University in its founding year, 1974, has set me on a lifelong journey of combining the contemplative traditions of yoga and meditation practice while passing on what I have learned to students and practitioners.

Carrie Mickelson

In 1998 I started practicing yoga in Phoenix, AZ. My first teachers were Dave Oliver and Tara Mala. Dave and Tara introduced me to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. In 2000, I completed the Teacher Training courses at At One Yoga in Phoenix. I began studying with Tim Miller in 2002 and attended his First Series Teacher Training course in 2008.

I continue to study with Tim, practice at home and attend classes with Jim Murphy. Some of my favorite places to practice yoga are: Ashtanga Yoga Center, Carlsbad, CA; Ashtanga Yoga Denver, CO; Down to Earth Yoga, Bozeman, MT; Troy Luceros Acme Yoga Project, Seattle, WA and The Spirit Room, Fargo, ND. I am forever grateful for the yoga community in Fargo, Ecce Yoga, to the Spirit Room and to Jim Murphy for his commitment to teaching yoga classes in the Fargo-Moorhead area.
Creative, Contemplative and Healing Arts
111 Broadway,  Fargo, North Dakota click for map
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